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Our Mission

To work closely with like-minded individuals, teams and organisations who share a passion for using technology to empower others to improve what they do. 

Our Story

Founded in 1996, TDK Business Technologies fast became one of the leading internet technology companies in the UK.

We specialised in web-based portals, supporting 'early adopting' companies who were the first to harness the power of the internet to grow their businesses.

In 1999 we focussed on developing web-based tools to strengthen the way organisations used the internet for teaching, learning and leadership.

It's this expertise, grown over decades of working with organisations across the globe - that now provides the backbone of our unique range of well-established products and services.

We're a team who thrive on helping others make the best use of web technology in their work. We proud ourselves on our ability to keep things simple, yet maintain the power and impact that we know makes a difference. 

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Our Team

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